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Welcome to Mobile MasterBlaster. We are a small company that specialise in the removal of any contaminant from any surface without damaging the original surface. We use the amazing low pressure Farrow system F185 which gives us access to almost anywhere either internally or externally. We do not use chemicals, flamed heat or fire in our process. Our system is fitted with a spark arrester and so we are able to work in petro/chemical environments. Please give us a call as you might be surprised at our competitive pricing.

Protecting the environment


Old methods commonly use dangerous chemicals or aggressive abrasives blasting at high pressures to clean a surface. These methods require solving huge containment and disposal problems, and often seriously damage the surface being "cleaned". Our system uses low pressure air, heat, water, and a natural volcanic crystal, to work its magic. Our chemical free, highly controlled cleaning stream significantly reduces or eliminates airborne particle dispersal. We make both cleaning and cleanup safe, fast, and cost efficient.

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Address: Upminster, Essex, UK
Telephone:07904 657796
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